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My dog had deep sores, itchy paws, itchy groin, fur was falling out, and barely wanted to get up from her bed. She was an older dog but extremely healthy, and had the same food her entire life. Her primary vet recommended I see a dermatologist after several rounds of antibiotics did not help. Dr. Rosales and her team were... read more

Kerly B Avatar
Kerly B

My baby had his first consultation with Dr.Rosales yesterday. Let me tell you, I WISH that I could of known sooner about her. I’ve spend thousands of dollars in my dogs regular vet for his allergies. Just to be told that they can’t do nothing anymore for him, that’s when the vet indicated that I should see a dermatologist. Why... read more

Vanessa Cardenas Avatar
Vanessa Cardenas

Dr. Rosales is an amazing dermatologist. After weSpent thousands of dollars in general veterinary visits, treatments and prescription medications for our German Shepherd with negative results for skin allergies we found Dr. RosalesAt Miami Vet Dermatology. Dr. Rosales saw our German Shepherd Max after a costly emergency hospital visit due to his skin allergies condition. Dr. Rosales took aggressive actions... read more

Bob Alonso Avatar
Bob Alonso

I recently took my pet to see Dr.Rosales and it was worth the wait. My pet has suffered from skin issues for so many years and finally seems to be on an upward path of getting the proper treatment he deserves. I have taken him to multiple vets with no improvement. Nicole was beyond helpful and professional and truly seems... read more

James Quant Avatar
James Quant

They took great care of my little girl.

Stuart Glassman Avatar
Stuart Glassman

5 star ratingDr. Rosales and all the staff were very nice, informative and accommodating. They are working very hard to help my cat resolve his allergy issues. I really love this office. My cat has been chewing himself hairless for two years now. I recently brought him to Dr. Rosales and I have hope we can solve his issues.

Lorraine H. Avatar
Lorraine H.

I have taken my dog to Dr. Millie Rosales three times now for my husky shepherd mix. First visit was for ear issues and I wanted a second opinion as Dr. Rosales was highly recommended. She was very caring with our dog and her recommended treatment that did the trick. He has been free from ear issues and his... read more

Sandra Rishmague Avatar
Sandra Rishmague

Dr. Rosales is wonderful! My dog's symptoms have improved tremendously since under the care of Miami Vet Dermatology.My dog finally received the correct diagnosis and treatment after countless trips to primary vets. Thank you!

Samantha Savino Avatar
Samantha Savino

I just started taking my cat here for a chewing issue, Dr. Rosales and her staff have been so helpful and and caring. I am so happy to be working with them to solve his issue.

Lorraine Hubsch Avatar
Lorraine Hubsch

5 star ratingWhen our dog had been seen by two vets previously and his skin condition continued, we reached out to Dr. Rosales. She, along with her staff were very attentive and caring to the skin issues our German Shepherd had. She nailed the problem immediately. After a few weeks of treatment, he was feeling himself again and his skin problems... read more

D M. Avatar
D M.

I have a Weimaraner puppy and she had some skin problems. I took her to Dr. Rosales and she prescribes her a treatment. I did exactly what the Doctor told me and I started to see good results after two weeks.I went to her office only twice, the second time just to check her out.Dr. Rosales' assistant called me days... read more

Kai Klann Avatar
Kai Klann

Natalia Buenaventura Avatar
Natalia Buenaventura

Dr Millie Rosales saved my previous Dobie. Now she is taking amazing care of my baby Dobie. Her skin has improved incredibly in a couple of months

MO1 1 Avatar
MO1 1

De. Rosales is very patient and extremely thorough. She takes the time to explain everything. Her staff is amazing !!!

lizzylight5 Avatar

My English Bulldog saw 4 different veterinarians over a period of one year while her skin was getting worse and worse.She wasn’t sleeping because her skin was so itchy and irritated. She was suffering so much.Dr. Rosales took the time to find out what the skin issues were and made sure she was comfortable until the treatment worked. After... read more

Kelly Lida Avatar
Kelly Lida

Dr. Rosales and her staff were very kind and quick to respond. My Charlie’s case is extremely complicated and even though she could not help him, she was very empathetic and made the necessary recommendation to a veterinary surgeon and wrote a detailed letter. Her staff followed up to make sure the pharmacy called me and to ask if I... read more

Jesika Diaz Avatar
Jesika Diaz

Amazing experience! Dr Rosales and her team are so professional, knowledgeable and truly cared about the wellbeing of my dog. My dog Kami had been having horrible skin problems, with some medication and a change in her diet I feel like I have my dog back. She’s happy and doing great. Thank you Dr Rosales!

Barbara Fonner Avatar
Barbara Fonner

Dr. Rosales has been extremely thorough and caring with our dog’s challenging chronic ear condition. My wife and I would highly recommend her for your pet.

Jon Rubin Avatar
Jon Rubin

5 star ratingDr. Rosales has been extremely thorough and caring with our dog's challenging chronic ear condition. My wife and I would highly recommend her for your pet.

Jon R. Avatar
Jon R.

Rosa Diaz Avatar
Rosa Diaz