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Great experience and extremely happy with Dr. Rosales and her Team. She took her time and was amazing with my dog. Very professional, knowledgeable, kind and honest. Thank you, My doggie is definitely on the right track.
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Patricia Mestre Avatar
Patricia Mestre
What an amazing doctor and team. I really feel we have a great plan now to treat her allergies. Very grateful to Miriam for calling me all the times when others canceled their appointment so i could get this space.
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Tim Sanchez Avatar
Tim Sanchez
This is one of the best animal clinics I have ever been to. The doctor is one of the most knowledgeable and patient ones there is and the staff goes the extra mile for your furry friend’s comfort. They have seen it all but if your pet has one they haven’t they will go to the ends of the earth to figure out and help heal. 100% recommend, worth every penny.
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Susu Correa Avatar
Susu Correa
My pup started with lesions in 2022. I took him to his vet several times in 2022 and 2023 and nothing ever helped him. The lesions would come back. I even changed his diet and nothing helped. Finally after going to Miami Veterinary Dermatology we are on the road to a full recovery. He has been lesion free for 4 weeks now and were going on an allergy diet to see if he stays lesion free. I finally feel someone hears me and doesnt just brush off my concerns with my little dude.
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Kathleen Mannes Avatar
Kathleen Mannes
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Yumarling Ramos Avatar
Yumarling Ramos
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Jennifer Rodriguez Avatar
Jennifer Rodriguez
Amazing Dr. so patient! The staff is unbelievable they really care and are so sweet
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Judy-Anne Hereu Avatar
Judy-Anne Hereu
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Jose Rodriguez Avatar
Jose Rodriguez
We found all the people in the office to be very kind and caring. They quickly put us in a room and tried to make us comfortable and to make a scared little dog feel safe and loved! That was very important to me because Buttons is very special to me! Dr Rosales was so gentle and kind with her and even examined her on the floor instead of the higher more scary table. Buttons has a difficult ear infection and we're trying hard to clear it up without having to do surgery. I so very much appreciate her trying to do this for my precious pet
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Joanette Petry Avatar
Joanette Petry
As always, Dr. Rosales is the kindest, most compassionate and thorough Vet Derm anywhere in S. FL. I have been a long time client and was so excited to hear she was moving to a new location. The new clinic is absolutely stunning and extremely spacious. The lobby area is spotless, the furniture is comfortable and there’s even a coffee bar. Dr. Rosales already exceeds my expectations of patient care and could never think of visiting any other dermatologist. I’ll drive any distance to see her, but so thrilled she’s closer to me now.
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Vic Z Avatar
Vic Z
Everyone's is super helpful and friendly, and my Boxer was in love with everyone he met! They supply a lot of helpful information and plans to deal with his allergies and skin issues! I'd give 10 🌟's if i could
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Matthew Kirzner Avatar
Matthew Kirzner
Very caring and professional staff. Dr Rosales is extremely knowledgeable and she truly cares about your pet's wellbeing and will go above and beyond. I highly recommend them!
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Luisa Capobianco Avatar
Luisa Capobianco
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Yvette A Avatar
Yvette A
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Maria Trigo Avatar
Maria Trigo
I was extremely impressed with Doctor Rosales And her staff. My sweet pug Harrison has been suffering with extreme skin allergies for a while. For the first time, I think we’re on a program that’s going to get him relief. Well worth the weight, the drive from Jupiter and the money. Excellent practice.
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Cynthia Kellner Avatar
Cynthia Kellner
I was very Impressed and pleased for choosing Dr Millie Rosales DVM. She really dove in deep with my dog’s issues and covered everything. She had a full treatment plan for all our options. She really invests in her clients, is dedicated , really cares, is very professional and an exceptional outstanding Veterinarian. She works very hard that’s rare to see these days Highly recommend!!!!
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Cindy North Avatar
Cindy North
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Marta Figueredo Avatar
Marta Figueredo
Excellent staff and very punctual.Dr Rosales is very knowledgeable and takes the time to discuss all aspect of care for my Pearl. Highly recommend her. She is kind and compassionate and knows her stuff. She's definitely one of the best!
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Shawn Frechette Avatar
Shawn Frechette
Dr. Rosales and her staff are kind and compassionate to their clients and pets. She is a skilled doctor and I trust her with my cat.
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Brigitt Rok Avatar
Brigitt Rok
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Stacy Pena Avatar
Stacy Pena
Such a caring Dr and staff. They went above and beyond for Henry. Thank you!
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N M Avatar
Such a caring Dr and staff. They went above and beyond for Henry. Thank you!
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N Meno Avatar
N Meno
Muy Profesionales .
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Tania Pestano Avatar
Tania Pestano
Everyone there was wonderful and reassuring with my pet condition
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nelson peralta Avatar
nelson peralta
Dr Rosales and her staff are very professional and showed tremendous interest in the well being of my cat
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Elena Selzer Avatar
Elena Selzer
No wait. Great experience with staff and doc!
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Bette Brown Avatar
Bette Brown
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Dr Millie Rosales is an excellent Veterinarian. She has been treating our Dog Toby Lostal for many years!!!
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Julius Lostal Avatar
Julius Lostal
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Ana Guzman Avatar
Ana Guzman
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Joanna Fiuza Avatar
Joanna Fiuza