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Millie Rosales, DVM, DACVD

Miami Veterinary Dermatology is owned and operated by Dr. Millie Rosales, who practices at several veterinary specialty centers in the South Florida area. Dr. Rosales is a board certified veterinary dermatologist, specializing in the care of animals with skin and ear disorders. Since one of the main causes for skin and ear problems in dogs and cats is allergies, Dr. Rosales also specializes in allergic disorders of animals, comparable to a human allergist.

What is a Veterinary Dermatologist?

A veterinary dermatologist is a veterinarian who has undergone extensive post-doctoral training in the diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, ear and claw conditions of animals. Veterinary dermatologists have the extra training to recognize unusual dermatological conditions, that a general veterinarian may not be familiar with, and guide the pet owner to the most direct diagnostic plan and treatment.

Dr. Millie Rosales Veterinarian Miami

Why Does Your Pet Need a Veterinary Dermatologist?

Your primary care veterinarian may refer you to Dr. Rosales when your pet needs to see a specialist in dermatology to resolve your pet’s skin problems. She will work cooperatively with you and your family veterinarian in providing your pet with the best care and service possible.

Dr. Rosales is committed to:

  • Treating your pet with the care and compassion he/she deserves.
  • Providing the highest quality of veterinary care that will readily identify the cause of your pet’s skin and/or ear problems so as to bring your pet the utmost comfort.
  • Dedicate the time to listen to your concerns and to understand your pet’s dermatological problem.
  • Dr. Rosales and her staff were very kind and quick to respond. My Charlie’s case is extremely complicated and even though she could not help him, she was very empathetic and made the necessary recommendation to a veterinary surgeon and wrote a detailed letter. Her staff followed up to make sure the pharmacy called me and to ask if I needed anything else from them regarding the recommendation. I have... read more

    Jesika Diaz Avatar
    Jesika Diaz

    Amazing experience! Dr Rosales and her team are so professional, knowledgeable and truly cared about the wellbeing of my dog. My dog Kami had been having horrible skin problems, with some medication and a change in her diet I feel like I have my dog back. She’s happy and doing great. Thank you Dr Rosales!

    Barbara Fonner Avatar
    Barbara Fonner
  • Dr. Rosales has been extremely thorough and caring with our dog’s challenging chronic ear condition. My wife and I would highly recommend her for your pet.

    Jon Rubin Avatar
    Jon Rubin

    Very good experience. Very professional and very nice people. My dog is satisfactory responding to treatment. Thanks.

    Reynaldo Lazaro Avatar
    Reynaldo Lazaro
  • nos gusto mucho , mi maximo se recupera poco a poco gracias doctora rosales!!!

    Natalia Torres Avatar
    Natalia Torres

    Dr Rosales and her staff have been awesome. Our precious Beto (feline) had serious skin issues which Dr Rosales diagnosed as a food allergy. He is now well on his way to recovery.

    Dan Hollingsworth Avatar
    Dan Hollingsworth
  • Dr Rosales is an excellent veterinary specialist. Her follow through and response in cases where there is a serious problem is second to none. However, in order to get to her you need to get through her personal assistant who is rude, uncaring, and downright snobbish. I will stop taking my boxer to her if I have to deal with this assistant ever again.

    Maria Strauss Avatar
    Maria Strauss

    Dr Rosales is amazing. Goes above and beyond and really cares about your pet, not just quick visits. She takes the time to try and figure out the root cause of any illness.

    Michael Garlitz Avatar
    Michael Garlitz
  • Dr Rosales is amazing, very good person and very professional

    Angel Salcedo Avatar
    Angel Salcedo

    Dr. Millie Rosales is the best!!

    Cesar Calad Enriquez Avatar
    Cesar Calad Enriquez
  • 5 star ratingDr. Rosales is awesome. My dog suffered from a rash that turned into a very resistant staph infection. I was at my wits end trying to figure out how to get rid of it. I was worried she would put my dog on another round of antibiotics like everyone else had told me to do. But she didn't - she laid out a clear plan of... read more

    Jamie W. Avatar
    Jamie W.

    We are really pleased with the services of Millie Rosales. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. Her staff is great. Our dog always find dermatological relief after visiting Dr. Rosales. She is very good. Highly recommend her!

    Raul Miranda Avatar
    Raul Miranda