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My husband and I adopted Holly in 2001 from the Humane Society.  She was an adorable 2 month old puppy and she stole our hearts. We soon discovered that Holly suffered from allergies. When we had her vaccination, she had a reaction at the site of her rabies shot.  We learned that each year, we would have to first give her a shot of antihistamine and then the rabies.

Through the years, Holly would experience allergy like symptoms, such as watery eyes and itching.  When Holly was about 10 years old, she seemed to develop a yeast infection between the pads of her paws and in her ears.  Research told me that this could be allergies, among many other things.  She would also develop sores, which I originally thought was also caused by her scratching. Our vet advised us to change her diet to allergy food, which she hated and would not eat. We were able to control this for a couple of years with home remedies and cooking her food. When she was 12, the problem got worse. Her skin was bumpy, scabby and a moldy smell.  My poor girl was miserable.  She was constantly on Benadryl and her skin was sensitive to the touch.  During this time, we saw several veterinarians. They would prescribe a combination of antibiotics and steroids, which temporarily cleared her up, but we were right back to the vet in 2 to 3 months.  We did this for about a year, seeing different vets.  Our last vet recommended us to Dr. Rosales.

When Holly met Dr. Rosales for the first time, she had lesions all over her body and most of her hair had fallen out.  I remember thinking that this had to work. It broke my heart how my little girl was suffering.  Dr. Rosales was patient and careful.  She ran a series of tests to rule out possibilities until she identified that Holly now has autoimmune disease.  She started us on a conservative treatment which Holly has responded to remarkably.  My sweet girl, now 14 years old looks like she did when she was four years old.  She also does not seem to be experiencing any ill side affects to her medication. She still gets watery eyes when the mango tree blooms, but no lesions and her skin is clear and pink.

Thank you Dr. Rosales.

From: Mrs. Dicesare

About a year and a half ago Coco's entire body was covered in hives. As a parent this broke my wife's and my heart to see our little guy like this. We were referred to Dr. Rosales and we can now say that Coco is living a good life with a soft coat and clear skin. Once again thank you for everything you and your team have done for Coco.

From Mr. and Mrs Pelaez

"I cannot begin to express my gratitude towards Dr. Rosales. When we were first introduced to Dr. Rosales, Minolta had never had fur and had open sores all over her little puppy body. She saved my girl from a lifetime of misery by taking the time to properly diagnose her multiple conditions, teaching me how to control her Demodex, her environmental allergies and her food allergies, as well as teaching me the importance of nutrition in my dog's life. Fast-forward a few years - Minolta has a full and lustrous coat, and my crazy puppy is as healthy and happy as can be. Thank you for everything, Dr. Rosales."

         -- Jason, Miami, FL

"Maggie had been suffering since puppyhood from what we at first thought were fleas. She was always covered in itchy, pink welts, and she could hardly sleep from biting and scratching at them. Finally, we took her to see Dr. Rosales. We went through the food trial, allergy tests, and allergy shots. It took months to reach stability, but not so long to see gradual improvement. Now that Maggie has been getting her shots for over a year, she rarely has a flare-up. Her skin is free of welts, and she never bites or scratches any part of her body. We watch what she eats, make sure she isn’t exposed to any known allergens, and give her a small shot just once every three weeks now. She is safe and happy, and so are we. We will always be grateful to Dr. Rosales for her wisdom, dedication, and patience. She truly cares about all her patients and is always there to answer questions and give advice and encouragement. Maggie is one lucky dog, and we are truly blessed to have her and Dr. Rosales in our lives."

         -- Celia and Rafael, Miami, FL

"Booker is my male Lab mix born on June 10, 2011 from a parking lot litter in North Carolina. He has been my roommate since he arrived in Miami on August 13, 2011.  Booker was diagnosed with puppy mange in September of 2011 and began his treatment with medicated shampoos to treat his condition.  Back and forth with the shampoos and minor changes in his condition took up most of the fall months and the Holidays and Booker's coat started to look ragged and hard like an old rug.  He also started to get crusties on his muzzle and his ears.  The shampoos did not help, Booker got worse.  One day in January 2012 was when the nightmare began.  On the night of January 7, 2012 I went outside in the backyard to bring Booker in for the night and found him lying on his side in the yard unable to move.  I tried to pick him up and he growled and bit me.  I knew something was wrong because Booker was usually goofy and friendly.  Four hours later I saw Booker limping in the door and he collapsed on the floor.  All night I searched the phone book for emergency vet help because Booker's regular doctor's office was closed. While Booker lay on the floor I noticed that his paws were swollen and peeling.  It seemed as if this just happened over night because three days before we were at the park as usual.  The next morning saw me and Booker at his vet and we were given the Mitaban dip to treat his demodicosis and anti biotics for his paw infection.  One Mitaban dip later and Booker looked worse and was not eating.  His muzzle was full of lesions and crusties and whenever he scratched his face it bled.  He constantly rubbed his face on the grass to scratch.  My search began.  I talked to everyone I knew at work who had a dog and anyone who had a dog with skin conditions, I came up with nothing. I went to several Vets in my neighborhood and still got no help or answers, only that Booker was in a bad way and maybe I should consider "putting him down."   Finally in mid January 2012 I went to a vet that a co-worker recommended which was way out of the way.  As soon as I got Booker in the waiting room I felt so sorry for my poor dog.  At 7 months Booker looked like a dog dying of old age.  He looked horrible; his coat was matted and hard, crusties and lesions all over.  People with their pets in the waiting room stared at Booker and some just got up and moved away. Could not blame them, Booker looked a mess, he also had the lampshade around his neck to keep from scratching.  Felt really bad for my poor guy. This doctor was nicer but still no help, he stated that if I was not going to put Booker down, then he  recommend a specialist and sent Booker and me to the Southeast Veterinary Referral Center.  With our referral card in hand I took Booker's leash and he limped back to the car.  I swear I felt like me and Booker were Lepers trying to find someone to help us.  We spent all day driving all over Miami trying to find a vet that didn’t say "put him down". 

Once at the Vet referral center, the doctors there took one look at Booker and said he should be admitted.  They told me his condition was dire and that admission into the Pet Emergency room would not be cheap.  Who cared, I was just glad they didn’t say "put him down."  Four days in the emergency room and Booker was given an appointment with Doctor Rosales, the specialist for his skin condition.  Finally, we had some help. Dr. Rosales told me what she thought Booker had and how she would treat him.   The dermatology notes I got from Dr. Rosales read as follows: "Exam was limited due to fractious nature of pet.  Crusts and erythema are present on the Nose Bridge, muzzle, top of head, neck, trunk, underside of body and extremities.  The footpads of all four paws are sloughing.  Hyper pigmentation and comedones are present on the dorsal trunk."  Booker was given Ivermectin for his demodex and antibiotics. He was also given an injectable steroid and several other medications that I can not name.  Dr. Rosales believed that Booker also suffered from an autoimmune condition and after he began to show significant improvements after the steroid injections, it was confirmed and Booker was prescribed the medication "azathioprine" one tablet every other day.  After all the medications, the setbacks, the false hope, the "put him down" advise, Dr. Rosales suggested that Booker should d be given one more chance and that  is exactly what saved his life.  At his worse Booker weighed 55 pounds.  Today Booker is 85 pounds of muscle and mayhem. No shoe, wooden object or squeaky toy is safe with him around.  Booker still takes his "azathioprine" tablet every other day but that is small compared to the drugstore he had last year.  Booker gets compliments on his beautiful tan and white coat whenever he goes out.  Booker and I would like to thank Dr. Rosales because her one more chance attitude is what saved Booker's life."

Thank you Dr. Rosales from Booker and Jacke.

Oliver’s Saga

"Our labrador Oliver’s life was saved, I mean SAVED by Dr. Rosales and her staff at the South Miami location (Southeast Veterinary Referral Center) last October 2012.

He was sick and limping and chewing badly of his left front paw, and after careful examination, she discovered that he was infected by three different kinds of bacteria on his skin! He had to stay hospitalized for 7-10 days in order to receive IV’s and a lot of meds. Oliver didn’t eat during the first days, so the techs at the clinic lovingly fed him by hand. His was a long recovery, we almost lost all hope, that’s how bad he was. However he received all the loving care you would expect from an exceptional vet specialist and the fantastic group who worked there, day and night. Once ‘released’, we had to bring Oliver in for his weekly checkups. These are now monthly visits, as he has fully recovered."
Ronaldo Flank

"I'm not sure if you will remember me and Bailey Ayme. He was the yorkie with the really bad mange case that you cured almost six years ago.  I just wanted to let you know he's been doing great since you last saw him and is extremely healthy with a beautiful coat. I still use the shampoo and conditioner you recommended. Also, if you recall he suffered a few seizures when I first took him to you. Well, he has never had any more either. We stopped the meds during your treatment. So, I just wanted to thank you because I will never forget how wonderful and amazing you were with us.  Here's a picture of him now."

A few months ago I went through a very trying time with my all white, four month old Dogo Argentino puppy. After visiting my local veterinarian, it was determined that Titan had a severe skin disease called generalized Demodex. Immediately, vet then began an aggressive treatment for the skin ailment which made Titan very sick. For the sake of Titan’s well-being, I decided to seek out a second opinion from a dermatologic specialist. After reading one of her published demodex articles on-line, I set an appointment with Dr. Millie Rosales at Miami Veterinary Dermatology in Hollywood. Ironically, when I asked my dog trainer who she would recommend she also directed me to see Dr. Rosales due to her excellent reputation as a specialist.

From the beginning of my visit I was impressed with the competency of her technician, Nicole, who conducted the pre-exam interview. Quality service means everything to me, especially when the health of my new family member is on the line. Dr. Rosales then conducted an extremely thorough exam and a procedure to determine the cause of Titan’s skin issue. To my delight, she found that Titan only had a skin infection and that there was no evidence of generalized Demodex. During the entire exam she was very friendly and courteous and took all of my concerns seriously. Never once did Dr. Rosales make me feel rushed or that she had to move on to other patients. At one point I even suggested having an additional diagnostic procedure done on Titan, but she assured me that she did not want to conduct any unnecessary procedures unless she was fully confident that it was needed. Her relaxed approach and concern for the well-being of my puppy made me feel as if Titan was the most important patient she had.

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the service that I received with Dr. Rosales. It was apparent that she possessed a great deal of knowledge with white haired dogs like mine and her meticulous examination made me feel confident in her findings. She took the time to discuss the many facets of skin problems with me and the entire visit lasted nearly 1.5 hours. Even her website provided an on-line pre-visit questionnaire to minimize the time spent in the waiting room. If you truly want the best health care for your pet than I believe that Dr. Rosales would be the right choice.

Thank you Dr. Rosales,

Victor Zuclich

Key Biscayne, Florida